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RenoCell Modular Electrolytic System Model MX0504D, 4x Model 500 Cells, Like New Condition. Equip yourself with the gold standard.


Manufacture & Design

  • Modular System for Metal Removal & Recover
  • Model MX0504D
  • (4) Model 500 Cells
  • Complete System
  • Like New Condition, Used Only 3 Times


Manufacturer Brochure Information

The RenoCell modular electrolytic system consistently and efficiently reduces dissolved metal to the sub-mg/L (ppm) concentration levels in a wide range of applications. In effluent treatment applications, this performance level often meets or exceeds discharge compliance limits for hazardous metals without further treatment.

A RenoCell metal recovery system consists of the world’s most efficient and highest performance electrolytic cell, a DC power supply, and auxiliary equipment. Metal bearing rinse water or a process stream is electrolytically stripped of dissolved metal ions as it passes through the RenoCell. The metal ions are deposited as a solid metal onto a specialized high surface area, carbon cathode. When the cathode is fully loaded, it is easily removed from the cell and replaced with a fresh one.

  • Model 500 Cells Specs
    • Material: Polypropylene
    • Anode: DSA
    • Cathode: Carbon
    • Metal Loading: 3-5 kg
    • Flow Rate: 30-90 L/m
  • MX0504 System Specs
    • DC Amps: 200 A
    • Water Recirculation Rate: 120 L/m (32 GPM)
    • Dimensions: 24″ x 54″ x 72″ High
    • Weight: 475 lbs.