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Sandvik Rhino 400H Raise Bore Machine, Year 2006, Only Used Once, Includes 240 Drill Rods. Equip yourself with the gold standard.


Manufacture & Design

  • Model: Rhino 400 H
  • Year: 2006
  • Manufactured in Finland


Components & Inclusions

  • 1-240pcs drill rods
    • Made in Germany
    • Length of each unit drill rod:1219mm
    • Diameter of each unit drill rod:203mm
    • Weight of each unit drill rod:180-200Kg
  • 30pcs stabilizer rods:
      • Made in Germany
      • Length of each rod:1118
      • Diameter of each rod:229mm
      • Weight of each rod:150Kg-180Kg
  • 1st unit Cutter headers
    • Model:CMR41,7008-4141-76
    • Qt:10pcs
    • Made in Sweden by Sandvik
  • 2nd unit Cutter headers:
    • Model:CMR52,7008-4152-76
    • Qt:20pcs
    • Made in Sweden by Sandvik
  • 1x Mud pump, Made in Sweden
  • Soft tube,Length:5+20+20m,Made in Sweden
  • 1x Reamer, made in Sweden by Sandvik
    • Model :CRH4,serial no.:7008-1314-30
    • Diameter:1400mm,
  • 1xRod of reamer, Made in Sweden by Sandvik
    • Length:2100mm
  • Wear-resistant bracket for cutting head
    • Outside Quantity:8pcs,model:7008-2003
    • Inside Quantity:2pcs,model:7008-2004
    • Middle Quantity:2pcs,model:7008-2005
  • Hole measuring instrument
    • 1 (Complete set of devices and software for measuring hole deviation)
  • Guided drill bits
    • Qt:7pcs, made in Sweden by Sandvik ,Diameter of guided drill bits:229mm
  • Automatic rod changer
    • (Suitable for 8inch drill pipe and 9inch stabilizer pipe),Qt:1pcs,made in Finland by TRB
  • Accessories and special tools:
    • 1st unit name: Portable hydraulic unloading device
    • 2nd unit name: Drill removal device
    • 3rd unit name: Special oversized giant wrench
      • 4th unit name: Lifting and lifting device
    • All made in Finland by TRB
  • Guide sleeve with floating valve
    • Qt:2pcs,made in Germany
  • Pin end lifting kit
    • Qt:1pc,made in Germany
  • Body end lifting kit
    • Qt:1pc,made in Germany
  • Special thread grease (50 lbs./barrel)
    • Qt:5pcs,made in Germany


NOTE: Only drilled 15m-20 m  length of cave (2007) year