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Vertical Mills

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100 HP Metso VTM-150-LS Vertimill designed for size reduction and slaking of lime. Equip yourself with the gold standard.


Manufacture & Design

  • Model VTM-150-LS
  • Type LS (lime slaking) Vertimill
    • Designed for size reduction and slaking of lime


Components & Inclusions

  • 100 HP Siemens motor
    • 460 Volt
    • 1800 RPM
    • 3 Phase
    • 60 Hz


Manufacturer Brochure Information

Mechanically, Vertimill® is a simple machine with an agitating screw suspended into the grinding chamber, supported by spherical roller bearings and driven by a fixed speed motor through a planetary gearbox.
Vertimill® is typically arranged in closed circuit and fed by the cyclone underflow. The motor power turns the Vertimill® screw at constant speed to stir the grinding balls and slurry.
As the particles are ground, they rise to the top of the mill and overflow into the separating tank. A change in the rotational direction of the slurry when it transitions from the mill to the separating tank causes turbulence which facilitates a settling of the coarser material.
Product from the mill exits the tank through a stand pipe and then to the cyclone sump. The slightly coarser portion of the mill overflow is recycled back into the bottom of the Vertimill®.
The recycle system can reduce cyclone circulating load by allowing the mill to preferentially grind the coarser material. Also, the uprising velocity in the mill can be controlled by a recycle pump to affect the product size distribution, prevent over grinding, and reduce the circulating load from the cyclone.
Final product size is a factor of applied grinding power, flow rate, and slurry density. The effective operation of the Vertimill® requires these parameters to be accurately and constantly monitored and adjusted to meet the required product specifications.